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Ready, Set, Explore! Your Fun-filled Adventure Awaits!

Rental Details:

  • Pick up: from 8-9 am, [Till 3 pm] bright and early! (you can come whenever)

  • Drop off: Back before sundown (around 6 pm).

  • UTVs: Can't be taken on outlaw trails without permission, gotta keep things safe!

  • SXS Rentals: Have a 100-mile limit (most folks only go about 80 miles though). Extra miles are $4 each.

  • Multi-day rentals: you can keep it overnight but no riding after 6:00 pm


We get it, things change! Just give us a call to cancel, we can't do it online.

  • Call us to see if we can hook you up! We can even hold your reservation for up to a year with just a 7-day heads up, so no worries about losing your hard-earned cash.

  • CC Refunds: We're happy to reschedule your trip for another day, with plenty of notice:

    • 31+ days = 50% CC refund or full credit for a different day

    • 15-30 days = 25% CC refund or full credit for a different day

    • 1-14 days = No CC refund. But you may reschedule.

    • No-shows = Full price charged (gotta be fair!)

Hitting the Trails:

  • Driver Requirements: Gotta be 21 with a valid driver's license (18-year-olds, call in advance we may let you drive ;). No exceptions, gotta stay safe!

  • Passengers: Buckle up, everyone! Helmets are mandatory for all adventurers. And it's included free of charge.

Security Deposit:

  • We need a $1,500 - $2000 deposit before you zoom off. This will be pre-authorized on your card and released once the machine is back in tip-top shape. Don't worry, it usually takes about 24 hours for the hold to disappear.

  • This covers any damage or unexpected expenses, like fixing tires, replacing helmets, or even towing the machine back if needed.


  • While you have the machine, it's your responsibility, no matter what happens (accidents, oopsies, the whole shebang).

  • The insurance only covers damages over $ 5,000 so you are responsible for the first $2,500 even if it's not your fault. (From 2,500-5,000 we take the hit, only if you did it by accident, and followed all the rules)


  • If there's any damage, we'll assess it and give you a full breakdown of the repairs. It might take some time to get a final estimate.

  • Any damage up to $2,500 will come out of the deposit. 

  • If the damage is more than that, we might involve insurance. You'd then be responsible for the deductible.( 2,500 see above section)

  • We'll send you a copy of the damage report for your records.

  • We fix everything with brand new parts, and minor repairs are done at our shop. Bigger ouchies go to a local dealer.

Important Note:

  • We need to pre-authorize your credit card for $1,500 - $2,000 on the rental day. No exceptions gotta make sure everything's good to go!

  • You are only allowed to ride the Green and blue Hatfield McCoy Trails. no outlaw trails allowed (and no black or red trails even from HMT). you will loose your deposit if you ride on the outlaw trails. and you will be responsible For 5,000 dollars in damages. (if not more)

Oops, I Got Stuck!:

  • If you get stuck or can't make it back on time, you'll be responsible for the recovery fees (around $175/hour). we will be handled on a case-by-case basis, safety first!

  • Any mechanical breakdowns on our end. We'll get you back on track, don't worry!

Trail Time:

  • Stick to the designated HMT trails, please!

  • Tickets? You got it, you pay it. Be responsible and respectful of the trails.

  • No crazy driving, jumps, speeding, or anything that could put yourself or others at risk.

  • The machine is for riding, not towing. Keep it that way!

Getting Started:

  • Arrive 20 minutes early to fill out paperwork and learn how to use the machine like a pro.

What's Included:

  • Trail map, helmets for everyone, and a full tank of gas (helmets must be worn at all times!).

  • Not included: Trail permits and day passes ( gotta buy those separately).

  • Returning the machine: Bring it back in the same condition you got it in, except for normal tire wear.


  • You can top up the tank yourself (premium( 93) octane gas only!), or we can do it for you:

    • Full tank: $35

    • ¾ tank: $30

    • ½ tank: $25

    • ¼ tank: $20

Cleaning Up:

  • Rentals come out sparkling clean, and we kindly ask you to return them that way too. Otherwise, we can clean it for you for $75. There's a car wash nearby.



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